Work breakdown structure construction

What are the 3 levels of work breakdown structure?

The WBS contains 100% of all the work in the project. At the top level is the project ultimate goal, the second level contains the project objectives, the third level has the project outputs and the fourth level with activities.

What is an example of work breakdown structure?

For example , here’s a WBS example for an aircraft system: Thus, you might have one group responsible for building an aircraft. Within this group, you might have one team focused on building the airframe, another on creating a propulsion system, and so on. It’s common to have three levels of decomposition in the WBS .

What is the purpose of a work breakdown structure WBS?

A work breakdown structure ( WBS ) is a tool that can be used for projects, programs, and even initiatives to understand the work that has to be done to successfully produce a deliverable(s). The benefits of creating a WBS include: it defines and organizes the work required.

What is lowest level of WBS?

Work packages

What is a WBS code?

In a nutshell, work breakdown structure ( WBS ) codes are outline numbers that you can apply to tasks and edit to match the specific needs of your business. Project automatically provides basic outline numbers for each task, but you can apply your own customized outline scheme to the project at any time.

Is a Gantt chart a WBS?

A Gantt chart is created from the Work Breakdown Structure and tracks tasks across time. It shows the start and finish date of each task, their dependencies, and their relationship to each other in terms of sequencing.

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What are the different types of WBS?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines the Work Breakdown Structure as a “deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team.” There are two types of WBS : 1) Deliverable-Based and 2) Phase-Based.

How do I create a work breakdown structure WBS?

How to Create a WBS : The High-Level View Determine and describe the project statement. Highlight all the necessary phases of the project. Create and list the deliverables (as well as how success will be measured) Divide the deliverables into manageable tasks.

How detailed should a WBS be?

Generally speaking, a WBS should include about three levels of detail. Some branches of the WBS will be more subdivided than others, but if most branches have about three levels, the scope of your project and the level of detail in your WBS are about right.

How are the work breakdown structure and change control connected?

How are the work breakdown structure and change control connected ? The WBS and change control are directly linked . Any change from the baseline developed from the WBS needs to be recorded. The link allows management to trace changes and problems directly to deliverables and the organization unit responsible.

Does every project need a WBS?

Every project has a WBS , just like they all have schedules and budgets. They aren’t always well done or even written down, but every project manager has some idea of what they are doing, how long they think it will take and how much they think it will cost.

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What is a Level 3 WBS?

Level 3 items are key activities required to produce the Level 2 deliverables. Additional levels are used depending upon the magnitude of the deliverables and the level of detail required to reliably estimate cost and schedule. In the deliverable-oriented WBS , all deliverables are identified, and all work is included.

What is the 8 80 rule in project management?

8 – 80 rule states that work packages must be between eight hours and eighty hours chunks of work. If the projects are big, then work packages can be around 80 hour chunks of work. For small projects the work packages can be around 8 hours, or it could be anything between 8 hours and 80 hours.

What is a WBS work package?

A work package is the lowest component in a work breakdown structure ( WBS ), sometimes called the terminal element of a WBS . You create a work package when you decompose a deliverable into components while creating a work breakdown structure . A work package should be unique to the WBS .