The two main architectural systems of frame construction are ________________

What are the two main functions of computer design quizlet?

The first main function of computer design is to create images of future construction, with more complex designs. The second is to simulate what past building endeavors may have looked like, in order to rebuild a disintegrating structure or learn from past successes or mistakes in architecture and construction.

What is the oldest known type of arch?

The Arkadiko Corbelled Bridge is a Mycenaean corbel bridge near the modern road from Tiryns to Epidauros on the Peloponnese, Greece. Dating to the Greek Bronze Age 1300–1190 BC, it is one of the oldest arch bridges still in existence and use.

What problem can occur with a post and lintel system?

A post-and-lintel system uses vertical posts which are separated to support a horizontal beam. The main problem that can occur with a post-and-lintel system is cause by the weight is unevenly distributed and the center is unsupported, which can cause sagging over time.

What is a vault describe its parts and or functions?

A vault is an arched structure that springs from a cornice, which is supported by both a solid wall and four columns. The cornice is a set of projecting moldings that crown the top edge of a temple or building. Vaults provide increased space in the ceiling and create a self-formed roof for a building.

What is a basic function of computers quizlet?

Terms in this set (30) The four basic computer functions that work together in a computer system: input, processing, output, and storage. The hardware responsible for controlling the computer commands and operations. Computer hardware that stores information after a computer is powered off.

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What are the four major functions a computer performs?

There are four main equipment functions of a computer system: Input , Processing, Storage and Output .

Why is the arch so strong?

The natural curve of the arch and its ability to dissipate the force outward greatly reduces the effects of tension on the underside of the arch . It is the arch itself that gives its namesake bridge its strength. In fact, an arch made of stone doesn’t even need mortar.

How many types of arches are there?

three categories

What is a pointed arch called?

The pointed arch (arc brisé in French) is an arch with a pointed crown, whose two curving sides meet at a relatively sharp angle at the top of the arch . This architectural element was particularly important in Gothic architecture.

What is an example of post and lintel construction?

Stonehenge, an example of early post-and-lintel construction . The lintel must bear loads that rest on it as well as its own load without deforming or breaking. Brick or stone, weak in tensile strength (inelastic and brittle), can provide only a short lintel ; steel can be used for long lintels .

Why is post and lintel construction important?

The post-and-lintel system is a simple method of construction involving the use of vertical and horizontal elements. The verticals support the horizontals, creating one storey of a building. This way of building was incredibly important for the architecture of Ancient Greece.

What is Trabeated style?

Lintel beams In architecture, a post-and-lintel or trabeated system refers to the use of horizontal beams or lintels which are borne up by columns or posts. The name is from the Latin trabs, beam; influenced by trabeatus, clothed in the trabea, a ritual garment.

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What are the different types of vaults?

Vault types Dome. Pitched brick barrel vault . Barrel vault . Groin vaults . Rib vault . Fan vault . Hyperbolic paraboloids. Vegetal vault .

What was a vault?

The vault is a parallel series of arches used to form a roof, the most common form being a cylindrical or barrel vault . Vaults came into their greatest prominence in Gothic architecture. The dome is a hemispherical structure that can serve as a roof. The geodesic dome is a modern structural variant of the dome form.

Where are vaults used?

Vault (French voûte, from Italian volta) is an architectural term for an arched form used to provide a space with a ceiling or roof. The parts of a vault exert lateral thrust that requires a counter resistance. When vaults are built underground, the ground gives all the resistance required.