Top 10 enterprise architecture certification

What is the best enterprise architecture framework?

Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Frameworks TOGAF’s ADM . Zachman . Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture Method. Federal Enterprise Architecture ( FEAF ) Dept of Defence Architecture Framework ( DoDAF ) Australian Government AGA. SABSA – Enterprise Security Architecture. Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BizBoK)

Is the Togaf certification worth it?

There are many more advantages of the same which makes it highly valuable and vital to your business as well as to the people who are working under you. TOGAF Certification is considered as the topmost peak of enterprise architecture and is, currently, in great demand in the industry.

Is Togaf exam difficult?

In spite of what you might hear from others, TOGAF Certification exam is not a complex exam . It is a complicated one which requires you to be careful in your approach and execution to clear it. In other words, it is a lot like Enterprise Architecture.

What do you need to become an enterprise architect?

With training in every discipline an Enterprise Architect needs to be good at, including certifications in PMP, ITIL Foundation, Six Sigma Green Belt, CISSP, MS Project, Big Data and Hadoop, and many more, the bundle will set you on the fast-track to becoming an Enterprise Architect !

What are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture?

The six basic elements of an EA documentation method were presented: the EA documentation framework, EA components, current EA views, future EA views, an EA Management and Transition Plan and multi-level threads that include security, standards, and workforce planning .

What are the four typical domains of enterprise architecture?

The Enterprise Architecture Reference Traditional Model offers a clear distinction between the architecture domains (business, information/data, application /integration and technical/infrastructure). These domains can be further divided into Sub domain disciplines.

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Does Togaf 9 certification expire?

The TOGAF 9 certification for individuals has no renewal.

Is Togaf certification easy?

It will take some time to grasp the Concepts in TOGAF , so it is not possible to complete the study on one weekend. Ideally, you can have 3 months of complete Study to crack these exams. TOGAF Specification is heavily generalized and hence difficult to understand.

Is Togaf relevant today?

TOGAF is an enterprise architecture framework that includes methods, frameworks, definitions, templates, and explanations for enterprise architects. TOGAF is the most important Enterprise Architecture Framework nowadays. It has first been published in 1995 by The Open Group and has regularly been updated since then.

How long is Togaf certification valid?

24 months

How long does it take to get Togaf certified?

How long does the certification process take ? For course attendance the minimum duration is 4 days or 28 hours of study for distance learning. The examination takes 2 hours.

How can I prepare for Togaf exam?

The best way to prepare for obtaining your TOGAF ® 9 certification is taking the training itself. A training course can give you all the tools you need to succeed on the exam on your first try. It will also help you become fluent in TOGAF ® 9 documentation and the language of the exam itself.

What makes a great enterprise architect?

“ Successful EA teams will develop business architecture skills that can model their organization’s strategy, goals, and business and operating models in detail, as well as tracking innovative technologies and business models,” says Blosch.

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What skills does an enterprise architect need?

With their robust technical skills, enterprise architects can be much more effective when they possess critical soft skills. These include leadership abilities, the ability to communicate clearly with all IT stakeholders, strong design skills in one or more IT silos, IT process knowledge, and good interpersonal skills.

How long does it take to become an enterprise architect?

Candidates should have: A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or similar field with at least 12 years of experience, or a master’s degree in enterprise architecture with at least 10 years of experience. Extensive knowledge of IT infrastructures.