Mortuary temple of hatshepsut architecture

What is interesting about the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut?

This mortuary temple is dedicated to Amun and Hatshepsut and is situated next to the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II, which served both as an inspiration and, later, a quarry. It is considered one of the “incomparable monuments of ancient Egypt.”

What was the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut made for?

She commissioned her mortuary temple at some point soon after coming to power in 1479 BCE and had it designed to tell the story of her life and reign and surpass any other in elegance and grandeur.

What was Hatshepsut’s temple called?

Deir el-Bahri

Who built Djeser Djeseru?

It was constructed during the 15th century BC. During the Eighteenth Dynasty, Amenhotep I and Hatshepsut also built extensively at the site.

Who was the first female pharaoh?


Why did Hatshepsut dress like a man?

➡️ Hatshepsut used male attire to style herself like so many great pharaohs before her. By dressing as a man , she persuaded people to believe they were being led by a strong and great ruler. Hatshepsut was more ambitious than her half-brother/husband, Thutmose II and later her stepson Thutmose III.

Why was Hatshepsut removed from history?

Queen Hatshepsut , a prolific builder who was a regent for her stepson, Thutmose III, was almost obliterated from history after he ascended the throne in the 15th century B.C. Thutmose, and then his son Amenhotep II, systematically removed her image from monuments, reliefs, statues, cartouches and the official list of

How many female pharaohs were there?

seven female pharaohs

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What was found in Hatshepsut tomb?

When Howard Carter cleared it in 1903, he called it “one of the most irksome pieces of work I ever supervised.” In the tomb Carter found two sarcophagi bearing Hatshepsut’s name, some limestone wall panels, and a canopic chest, but no mummy.

Who is the Queen of Egypt?

Nefertiti , whose name means “a beautiful woman has come,” was the queen of Egypt and wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten during the 14th century B.C. She and her husband established the cult of Aten, the sun god, and promoted Egyptian artwork that was radically different from its predecessors.

Is Egypt ruled by a king?

The monarchy was abolished on 18 June 1953 following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and the establishment of a republic. The then- king , the infant Fuad II of Egypt (Farouk having abdicated following the revolution), went into exile in Switzerland.

Why is the Temple of Hatshepsut important?

The Historical Influence of Hatshepsut Temple This incredible temple is considered to be the closest to ancient Egyptian history. It aggrandizes the pharaoh and includes sanctuaries to honor the gods relevant to her afterlife. The construction of this temple is mirrored on the following temples of the new kingdom.

When did Hatshepsut die?

January 16, 1458 BC

What is the purpose of the Temple of Hatshepsut?

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut was known in antiquity as Djeser-Djeseru or the Holy of Holies. As with other grand Egyptian monuments, the purpose of the temple was to pay homage to the Gods and chronicle the glorious reign of its builder. The temple was commissioned in 1479 BCE and took around 15 years to complete.