When passing a construction zone, you should

When you see a construction sign you should?

As you enter a work zone, signs and message boards will warn you of workers, slow-moving equipment, and/or closed lanes ahead. You should reduce your speed and be prepared to slow down or stop.

When you encounter roadwork in a construction zone you should?

Work zones have a different, lower speed limit than other areas of the road to keep workers safe, so pay close attention to the posted signs when you ‘re in a construction zone . Make sure you slow down and follow the speed limits – with a lot of vehicles coming in and out, it’s important to be able to stop quickly.

How slow are you supposed to go in a construction zone?

Construction Zone Speed Limit Off the highway, many construction zones require speeds of 20 miles per hour or less. These zones can be very congested with traffic, so attentiveness is vital. Many of these zones also control the flow of traffic with pilot vehicles and handheld stop signs.

What constitutes a construction zone?

Page 1. Work / Construction Zones . Page 1 of 2. A work zone is an area where roadwork takes place and may involve lane closures, detours and moving equipment. Highway work zones are set up according to the type of road and the work to be done on the road.

What are 3 ways to safely navigate a construction zone?

Follow these tips to help improve your safety, and the safety of construction workers, when you are driving through construction zones . Increase Your Following Distance. Don’t Assume Workers Aren’t Present. Follow Instructions From Flaggers. Minimize Your Distractions. Merge Promptly at Lane Closures.

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What should you do when traveling through a construction zone?

When traveling through a construction zone , drivers should be aware of some driving strategies that will ensure greater work zone safety. Slow down. Don’t tailgate. Stay a safe distance away from construction workers and their equipment. Watch for stopped traffic. Merge as soon as possible. Do not block traffic.

What do work zone signs look like?

Round or octagonal with black and yellow coloring. All temporary signs in work zones have an orange background with black letters or symbols. These signs are found on the right side of the road, or on both the left and right sides if the roadway is a divided highway.

What color is a construction zone sign?


Are fines doubled in construction zones?

Risks and Fines Road workers could also be hidden behind equipment, materials, etc. The faster you drive, the longer it will take to stop. Drivers convicted of speeding through construction zones will be subject to double the fine. When workers are present, fines for speeding in construction zones are doubled as well.

What happens if you speed in a construction zone?

However, that may not be your best option. The fine for a first offense when speeding in a construction zone is a minimum of $375. Depending on your speed , the maximum penalty would include a $2,500 fine and even up to a year in jail. Aggravated speeding is when you exceed the posted speed limit by 26 miles per hour.

What signal is used right before a dangerous intersection?

FLASHING SIGNALS A flashing red light means the same thing as a stop sign. It is used at dangerous intersections . A flashing yellow light means you may move forward with caution. It is used at or just before dangerous intersections , or to alert you to a warning sign such as a school crossing or sharp curve.

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Why are construction zones so dangerous?

Any construction zone is potentially dangerous , but the ones on the highway are especially deadly because of the high speeds vehicles are moving at. Some of the common dangers that construction zones pose for motorcycle riders include: Loose gravel and debris.

What should you do if your car runs off the pavement?

Driving Off the Pavement Do not panic. Hold your steering wheel tightly. Steer straight ahead. Stay on the shoulder. Ease up on the accelerator and brake gently. When you can safely do so, turn back on the road at a low speed.

Can construction workers stop traffic?

They have no powers to stop traffic or require drivers to obey their instructions. Strictly speaking they’re commiting an offence, though if it done quickly cleanly, and in the name of safety i doubt they’d ever get fingered.

Why is it important to slow down in construction zones?

In some situations, you may need to drive slower than the work zone speed limit if weather conditions and traffic patterns dictate. It is important to follow posted work zone speed limits even if there are no construction workers as most construction zone fatalities and injuries involve drivers and/or passengers.