What is lean construction

What is lean construction technique?

Lean construction is a way to design production systems to minimize waste of materials, time, and effort in order to generate the maximum possible amount of value [4]. Lean Construction is using the same principles as lean production to reduce waste and increase the productivity and effectiveness in construction work.

What are the 5 principles of lean?

According to Womack and Jones, there are five key lean principles: value , value stream, flow , pull , and perfection.

What are the basic concepts of lean?

The Five Principles of Lean Define Value. To better understand the first principle of defining customer value, it is important to understand what value is. Map the Value Stream. The second Lean principle is identifying and mapping the value stream. Create Flow. Establish Pull. Pursue Perfection.

What is Lean Construction quizlet?

Lean assembly: Finding methods to assemble materials in the most efficient way possible — off site or on site. Lean Design: The process that brings all players together early in the project to provide input to the design and increase value by using the expertise of architects, engineers, construction managers, and.

What are the 7 lean principles?

The seven Lean principles are: Eliminate waste. Build quality in. Create knowledge . Defer commitment . Deliver fast. Respect people. Optimize the whole.

How do you get into lean construction?

Breaking Down the Principles of Lean Construction Identify Value from the Client’s Point of View. Identify Processes that Deliver the Value Stream. Achieving Flow of Work Processes. Using Pull Planning and Scheduling. Perfecting the Processes Through Continuous Improvement.

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What is a good example of lean thinking?

The basic insight of lean thinking is that if you train every person to identify wasted time and effort in their own job and to better work together to improve processes by eliminating such waste, the resulting enterprise will deliver more value at less expense while developing every employee’s confidence, competence

When should I use lean?

Like any other Agile methodology, Lean can succeed in small projects with a short time frame. That can be explained by the fact that Lean teams are small. It is quite hard for them to manage large projects quickly. You have to coordinate the activities of two or more Lean teams, if you want to handle a big project.

What companies use lean?

TOP 10: Lean manufacturing companies in the world Nike . The super-cool clothing company worked with NGOs and fellow manufacturers on sustainability projects. Kimberley-Clark Corporation. Caterpillar Inc. Intel . Illinois Tool Works. Textron. Parker Hannifin. John Deere .

What is the main focus of lean?

Used originally by manufacturing organizations, Lean is a performance-based, continuous-improvement strategy that focuses on eliminating waste and unnecessary steps in company processes.

What are the four lean goals?

To recap, the goals of lean manufacturing are to improve the quality of products, eliminate unnecessary waste, reduce production times and reduce total costs.

What are 8 wastes of lean?

The 8 wastes of lean manufacturing include: Defects . Defects impact time, money, resources and customer satisfaction. Excess Processing. Excess processing is a sign of a poorly designed process. Overproduction . Waiting. Inventory . Transportation. Motion . Non-Utilized Talent .

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What is the role of the owner on a construction project quizlet?

What is the role of the owner on a construction project ? The role of the owner on a construction project is to develop the program for the building, define the scope of the project , create the budget, and provide the funding for the project .