What does asi mean in construction

What is an ASI?

In architecture, the ASI definition is “architect’s supplemental instruction.” Architects use it to request design or construction changes that won’t affect the cost or time of a project.

What does PR mean in construction?

Proposal Request

What is a construction commitment?

Construction Commitment means the commitment of each Lender to make Construction Loans to the Borrower from the Initial Date applicable to such Lender to but excluding the Construction Commitment Termination Date up to an aggregate amount, at any one time, not in excess of the amount set forth (i) opposite the name of

What is a Ppai or ASI number for?

Article 1 probably is a member of ASI or PPAI . As part of their membership agreement, they are not suppose to provide pricing information or sell to people without an industry number or that can show a certain number of invoices from other suppliers in the promotional products industry.

How does ASI cable work?

ASi -3 communication and transmission technology The master communicates with the participants with a serial transmission protocol. Each subscriber is assigned an address by an addressing device or via the master. A maximum of 31 (standard devices) or 62 (advanced devices) nodes can be connected.

What is an RFI in construction?

In construction , a request for information ( RFI ) seeks the clarification of plans, drawings, specifications, and agreements. The construction RFI is a formal written process in which parties, such as the contractor and designer, clarify information gaps in construction documents.

What does PR mean on a floor plan?

PR . Powder Room. Architectural, Technology, Construction.

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What is a bulletin in construction?

A Bulletin is used to issue changes AFTER bid proposals are submitted by the bidding contractors, and probably AFTER the contract is signed between the owner and the successful bidder. Revisions issued via a Bulletin may have cost impact. They may qualify for changes orders.

What is CCO in construction?

cco stands for ” Construction Change Order”

What is a ve list in construction?

While value engineering ( VE ) in construction is meant to provide more value to an owner by either improving the function of building materials or reducing their costs, the term VE often brings a sense of frustration and uncertainty and creates a strenuous relationship between all the participants on a project.

What is attic stock in construction?

Attic stock is a commercial term describing extra flooring which is stored after an installation. Building supervisors, chief engineers, and general managers commonly request flooring attic stock . In contrast, average residential homeowners request attic stock materials less frequently.

What are ASI codes?

These are industry specific codes that suppliers use to identify List Price versus Net Cost discounts on their products. ASI members can view more information about the Discount Codes .

What is an ASI distributor?

The Advertising Specialty Institute ( ASI ) is a for-profit organization serving the advertising specialty industry (which mainly creates and distributes promotional products). Members of ASI include both manufacturers and suppliers of promotional merchandise as well as promotional product distributors .

Do promotional items work?

Numbers don’t lie– promotional products work ! According to the study, most people keep promotional products for an average of eight months. The majority of people who receive a promotional product are also more likely to have a favorable impression of the company that gave it to them.