Tarek and christina construction

What happened between Tarek and Christina?

In May 2016, the couple separated after an incident at their Southern California home. Following the incident, Christina stated that “being separated was healthier for both of us”. Tarek and Christina filed for divorce in 2017 and the divorce was finalized in January 2018. They continue to co-parent their children.

How much does Tarek and Christina make per episode?

Initially, in the early seasons of these TV shows, Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa would go on to accumulate $10,000 per episode , according to the portal. This would later transition to come up to $130,000 per season on which they would feature.

How did Tarek and Christina start their business?

In early 2010, inspired by the profits of other developers, Tarek El Moussa decided to try his luck at flipping houses. He and his ex-wife Christina Anstead purchased their first house, in Santa Ana, California, for $115,000, poured $15,000 into renovations and sold it for $169,000.

Did Tarek pull a gun on Christina?

According to the witness, Tarek’s wife Christina was “crying and shaking” as she ran to the residence and informed him that Tarek “took a handgun , put it in his backpack and ran outside.” Christina said she had already called 911.

Who is the richest HGTV star?

The richest HGTV stars might surprise you Tarek El Moussa. Mike Holmes. Joanna Gaines. Hilary Farr. Christina Anstead. David Visentin. Candice Olson. Scott Mcgillivray.

Which contractor did Christina sleep with?

Christina, meanwhile, dated the family contractor ( Gary Anderson ) last year, prior to moving on here to Spedding. In June, an insider told Entertainment Tonight that the relationship was “new,” but exciting and full of potential to be serious.

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What is Tarek and Christina Worth?

What is Tarek El Moussa’s net worth in 2020? According to multiple net worth calculators, Tarek El Moussa’s net worth is an estimated $10 million as of 2020. This leaves him earning somewhat less compared to his ex Christina’s net worth of $12 million.

What is Tarek net worth?

The Flip or Flop host is worth an estimated $10 million , according to Celebrity Net Worth. The TV penned a book with his cohost and ex-wife in 2017 named Flip Your Life: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities — No Matter What Comes Your Way.

Who is Tarek dating?

Heather Rae Young (2019–)

Why did Christina leave ant?

According to the source, Christina didn’t expect her romance with Ant to fizzle out so quickly. “She never thought she was going to get a divorce so soon,” adds the source. “She tried to give it more of a chance but it became very clear that it wasn’t going to work.”

Why did flip flop stars divorce?

In the divorce paperwork, the couple cited “irreconcilable differences,” but it may have been a little more complicated than that. Insiders exclusively told In Touch that Christina had been texting someone else, a contractor named Gary Anderson they’d hired in 2015 that she later went on to date.

Does Tarek still love Christina?

So…are Tarek and Christina back together? Sorry but no. As of September 2020, Tarek is happily engaged to Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young. The couple got engaged in June 2020 after Tarek proposed while the two celebrated their one-year anniversary with a boat trip to Catalina Island, California.

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Did Christina cheat on Tarek with ant?

Tarek insisted his wife and on-screen partner Christina did not cheat on him

Who had cancer Tarek or Christina?

There was his 2016 split from wife and Flip or Flop co-star Christina El Moussa , of course, but Tarek has also been battling two forms of cancer and two debilitating back injuries. “I wasn’t healthy for years,” Tarek tells CountryLiving.com. “I had my cancer, and I was filming. Then my second cancer and I was filming.

What nationality is Tarek from flip and flop?