Remodel vs new construction recessed lighting

Is recessed lighting going out of style?

Recessed lighting will never go out of style . However, the finishes and sizes will vary and change as time goes by. There are too many advantages of having the lighting recessed for them to eventually go out of style or phase out .

Should I use 4 or 6 recessed lights?

4 inch lighting takes up considerably less space than 6 inch options or regular lighting . This makes it ideal for small rooms and surfaces where even an inch of space makes a big difference. In addition, it has no unsightly cables such as those used in regular lighting which makes it a lot better looking.

Is it expensive to add recessed lighting?

Recessed Lighting Installation Costs The basic installation of recessed can lights runs from $200 to $250 per fixture for labor alone. Installing the lights : $200 to $250 by an electrician. Wiring the lights into the ceiling – $70 to $140 per light .

Do recessed lights increase home value?

A bright way to increase the value of your home is to add lighting . Hire an electrician to add recessed lights to a dim kitchen or family room or elegant sconces to a formal dining or living room. You’ll enjoy the lighting now, and your home will feel more welcoming to home buyers later.

Can you have too many recessed lights?

In fact, using too many recessed light may leave areas of your room dark and may even cost you more on your electric bill. Create a lighting plan. An expert can help you plan for the right number of lights based on the size of the space and the technical aspects of the light fixtures in question.

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How many can lights for a 12×12 room?

A common rule of thumb is that you use one recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space . Doing so provides even, overall illumination. Considering this, how many can lights for a 12×12 room ? The typical rule-of-thumb is 24″ from each wall, and then 3-5 feet between cans.

How much area does a 6 inch recessed light cover?

If a 6 – inch light has a spacing criteria of 1.5 and the ceiling height is 8 feet, the maximum space between each light should be 12 feet. This formula is critical for lighting a space because if the lights are too far apart, they will look like spotlights with big shadows between each other.

How many 6 recessed lights do I need?

Measure your room to see how many fixtures you will need . A common rule of thumb is that you use one recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. Doing so provides even, overall illumination.

Do LED recessed lights need housing?

In new construction, recessed lighting is usually installed between ceiling joists, but you can retrofit recessed lighting almost anywhere in your home. If your ceiling is insulated, the recessed light fixtures must be IC housing rated, meaning they are approved for use near insulation.

How do I remove old recessed lighting trim?

Climb up the step ladder and lightly touch the bulb and the outer trim to make sure it is cool enough to handle comfortably. Place the rag over your hand so that it is over your fingers and then push your finger against the inside of the can light while turning the trim counterclockwise. This will loosen the trim .

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Do you need an electrician to install recessed lighting?

Professional Recessed Lighting Installation If the thought of installing new electrical wiring in your home is beyond your capabilities—or it’s actually not allowed under your city code—then you ‘re going to need to hire a professional electrician to get the job done for you .

How much do electricians charge for recessed lights?

Electricians typically charge $80-$110/hr and usually layer on a charge out fee which can be as much as $150. Downlights are quickly becoming one of the most popular lighting choices in the home, providing a sleek, minimalist alternative to traditional hanging fixtures .

How much does it cost to install 6 recessed lights?

Recessed Lighting Costs

Item Unit Cost Quantity
Indoor can lights $65 per light 6
Dimmer switch $50 per unit 1
Wiring and installation $250 per light 6
Total Cost $323 per light 6