Raised fireplace hearth construction

How do you make a raised hearth?

Tape plastic sheeting on top of this to further protect floors. cut and secure the lath. Cut and Secure the Lath. mark and cut cement blocks. Mark and Cut the Cement Blocks. fill blocks with concrete. Fill the Blocks With Concrete. prev. position cap blocks on top of hearth . prev. create look of bricks and mortar.

How high should a raised fireplace hearth be?

Your height : When loading a fireplace or starting a fire, a raised hearth provides a place to rest your knee while loading the fire. The most common hearth heights are from 12” to 18”. If you’re tall (over six-feet), choose a higher hearth size.

How do you tile a raised fireplace hearth?

How to do it Cut Bed. Hearths take a beating: A tiled hearth needs a sturdy 11/4-inch setting bed to withstand the shock of dropped logs. Embed Backerboard. Spread heat-resistant mortar on the existing hearth or subfloor and set one piece of backerboard in it. Install Trim. Set Tiles . Apply Grout and Sealer.

What is a raised hearth fireplace?

Side by side images of a floor hearth and a raised hearth . Raised hearths or sitting-height hearths are built off the floor, usually no more than 17 inches up.

What is the best material to use for a hearth?


What is the standard size of a hearth?

Basic Hearth Dimensions To keep fire, ashes and embers a safe distance from the floor in front of a fireplace that has an opening 6 square feet or smaller, the hearth should extend at least 16 inches in front of the fireplace opening. The hearth also needs to extend 8 inches to each side of the opening.

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Does a hearth need to be raised?

The perimeter of the hearth should be clearly defined by either using a raised edge or by raising the level of the hearth in relation to the floor. The hearth should extend at least 150mm out from the stove at the sides and 300mm in front.

Do you need a hearth for a wood burning fireplace?

Safety codes regarding hearths , mantels and surrounds for wood – burning fireplaces are clear. And there is a good reason for that clarity; embers and sparks flying from an open flame can easily burn flooring laid too close to the firebox. “Zero-clearance” units will not need a hearth , but other types will.

What does a fireplace hearth look like?

A hearth is normally a brick, stone, marble, or cement slab that sits in front of your fireplace . Made from a non-combustible material, the hearth protects your home’s floor from radiant heat, flying embers, sparks, and burning logs that may roll out of the fireplace .

Do you need special tiles for a hearth?

The hearth is the part of the fireplace located at the base that extends out in front of it to protect the surrounding floor space. They therefore must be rated for floor use ( you cannot use wall tiles ) and need to be made from a heat resistant and highly durable material.

What tiles are suitable for a hearth?

Porcelain Tiles are an excellent option for the construction of hearths, with a wide range of colour options and suitable for both traditional fireplaces and the increasingly popular wood burning stoves.

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What type of tile is best for fireplace hearth?


What does a hearth symbolize?

At the center of the home, the hearth provides warmth and LIGHT, food and protection. Symbolizes love, fertility and life.

What is a fireplace hearth made of?

A fireplace hearth is the floor area within a fireplace . It is made from noncombustible materials, such as brick or stone.