Planetside 2 ps4 construction

Is PlanetSide 2 still on ps4?

PlanetSide 2 will remain free-to-play on the PlayStation 4 and will not require PlayStation Plus to play, allowing players a variety of ways to access, play, and purchase content.

Is PlanetSide 2 free on ps4?

PlanetSide 2 is free -to-play supported by micro-transactions.

How many GB is PlanetSide 2?

20 GB

How many players does PlanetSide 2 have?

1158 players

What does the ant do in PlanetSide 2?

As the backbone of the Construction System, ANTs collect resources and begin the construction of bases. The ANT can deploy, allowing access to a terminal on the back of the vehicle. Using the terminal gives the player the ability to purchase and build construction items, such as walls or silos.

Will there be a PlanetSide 3?

“ There will be no PlanetSide 3 if we don’t continue supporting PlanetSide 2, and we don’t continue showing that the PlanetSide experience is unmatched and amazing,” Sites said. “So our focus right now in the short term is continuing to reinforce that with the live game.

How do you call in orbital strike Planetside 2?

Players can unlock the Orbital Strike Uplink from the Depot and spawn it with the Construction System. Once charged, players can grab the targeting device from the Uplink and call in a devastating Orbital Strike on the target location.

Is PlanetSide 2 shutting down?

Daybreak Games has confirmed it’s switching off PlanetSide Arena’s servers at 5pm PT on 10th January, 2020 (that’s 1am on the 11th January UK time), just three months after it launched in early access. “As a result, PlanetSide Arena will formally shut down servers on January 10th, 2020 at 5:00 PM (PST).

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Is PlanetSide 2 worth playing?

PlanetSide 2 is unique, far from dead and probably the only real MMOFPS with a persistent world(But still no /Dance animations or real social hub or character creation options like hair ETC ;3) and I definitely recommend it with no hesitation.

How much does PlanetSide 2 cost?


1 MONTH $14.99 / MONTH
3 MONTHS $12.99 / MONTH $38.97 billed every 3 months
6 MONTHS $11.99 / MONTH $71.94 billed every 6 months
12 MONTHS $9.99 / MONTH $119.88 billed every 12 months