New construction home inspectors

When should you get a home inspection on new construction?

With a new construction home , it’s wise to have two or three inspections on the property . The first inspection is called a foundation or “pre-pour” inspection and occurs just before the foundation is poured on the home .

Can you negotiate with new construction homes?

You could also ask the builder whether there is anything that they can do that will reduce the costs of the overall project. Then there is bargaining for a deal on your project. If you know people who are looking to start construction in the near future, offer the builder leads.

What inspections are needed when building a house?

Inspections – What inspections are typically required for new construction or renovation projects? Footing Inspections. Foundation or Basement Wall Inspections. Framing & Masonry Inspections. Rough Plumbing , Electrical and Mechanical Inspections. Lath or Wallboard Inspections (Drywall or Gypsum Board)

What should I look for in a new construction walkthrough?

Exterior walkthrough inspection Landscaping and ground surfaces. Curb appeal comes first. External surfaces of the home. Next, take some time to examine the exterior of the building. Outdoor living spaces and add-ons. Garage and fixtures. Exit points. Interior surfaces of the home. Kitchen and baths. Electrical systems.

Is a home inspection necessary for new construction?

Because they’re mandatory and planned as a part of the building process, the cost of necessary building inspections will usually be factored into the building contract – but you should always check your contract before you sign it (or agree to extra inspections) to make sure this is the case.

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Should you have a new construction home inspected?

Your new home should have passed building regulations inspections and come with a structural warranty from an approved insurance policy provider. It is your housebuilder’s responsibility to check and fix any cosmetic defects before you complete on the sale but it is unlikely they are going to pick up on everything.

Who pays closing costs on new construction?

The owner’s title policy is the “wild card” for new construction closing costs . For existing home purchases the sellers typically pay for this fee. By contrast, this fee becomes the buyer’s responsibility when purchasing new construction .

Do Realtors get paid on new construction?

In most cases, builders pay a commission to your realtor (brokerage). This means there is no money directly out of your pocket, while you are protected by your own agent. Do be aware, though, that not all builders pay the full commission, and very few builders don’t pay any commission at all.

What upgrades do builders not get?

New Construction Upgrades to Avoid Appliances. If appliances aren’t included with the house, you may be better off buying them yourself. Lighting. Typically, the lighting that comes standard from builders is just that — standard. Cabinet hardware. Kitchen backsplash. Outdoor space. Crown molding.

How long should a home inspection take?

about 2-2½ hours

What is a lath inspection?

inspected before concealing with any exterior wall covering. Lath & Nail – (108): Stucco lath and accessories are inspected before the application of stucco. • Complete Rough – (100): This inspection includes all of the rough-in inspections . required by your permit that have not already been approved.

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When should I call for a framing inspection?

The framing inspection should be made after all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical rough-in has been inspected and all ducts, chimneys, hold-downs and shear walls are installed and framing is complete.

Who attends the final walk through?

2. Know who attends the final walk – through . Typically, the final walk – through is attended by the buyer and the buyer’s agent, without the seller or seller’s agent. This gives the buyer the freedom to inspect the property at their leisure, without feeling pressure from the seller.

Can a buyer back out during final walk through?

The answer is yes – a homebuyer can legally walk away from a real estate deal after the final walkthrough . According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, around 5% of real estate contracts are terminated before closing .

What do you do on final walk through on a new house?

What to Check During a Final Walkthrough Turn on and off every light fixture. Run water and check for leaks under sinks. Test all appliances. Check garage door openers. Open and close all doors. Flush toilets. Inspect ceilings, wall, and floors. Run the garbage disposal and exhaust fans.