How to make a christmas tree out of construction paper

How do you make a Christmas tree out of construction paper?

STEPS 1Cut three green triangles. Cut 3 to 4 triangles of increasing size from green construction paper . 2Glue the triangles together. Glue the triangles together to form a Christmas tree . 3 Make a tree trunk. 4Cut out shapes. 5Decorate the shapes. b.) c.) 6Decorate the tree .

How do you make paper from wood at home?

Choose what kind of wood you want to use to make your paper . Break the wood down into small pieces using a wood plane. Place the wood pieces into a blender and add water. Add bleach to your pulp slurry to create white paper . Put the screen into a baking pan and place them both in the sink to avoid a mess.

What kind of trees are used to make paper?

Some of the most commonly used softwood trees for paper making include spruce , pine , fir , larch and hemlock , and hardwoods such as eucalyptus , aspen and birch.