How to cut a snowflake out of construction paper

How do you cut out a simple snowflake?

Step 1: Start With a Square. First, begin with a square piece of copy paper . Step 2: Fold in Half Diagonally. Fold the square of paper diagonally to make a triangle. Step 3: Fold in Half Again. Step 4: Fold One Third. Step 5: Fold Again. Step 6: Cut the “top” Off at an Angle. Step 7: Shape It! Step 8: Unfold to Reveal!

How do you make a 3d paper snowflake?

STEPS 1 Make 6 identical squares. Prepare 6 squares of equal size using blue, white, or silver plain or patterned paper . 2Fold the square in half. Take one of the six squares. 3Fold the triangle in half. 4 Make three slits. 5Unfold the paper . 6Glue the inner flaps together. 7Flip the paper . 8Glue the second pair of flaps.

What is the pattern of snowflakes?

The more detailed explanation is this: The ice crystals that make up snowflakes are symmetrical (or patterned) because they reflect the internal order of the crystal’s water molecules as they arrange themselves in predetermined spaces (known as “crystallization”) to form a six-sided snowflake .

How do you make a snowflake out of rectangle paper?

Fold Paper and Cut the Snowflakes Start with a square of paper . Fold the square in half once to create a rectangle . Fold the rectangle in half to create a square with four layers. Unfold the square, taking the paper back to its rectangular shape (Step 1). Open the paper to its rectangular shape again.