Hardwood floor protection during construction

How do you protect newly refinished hardwood floors?

Instead, use a Swiffer or Microfiber mop. The best hardwood cleaner is Bona. If you go to this page, you’ll find my recommendations for the best cleaners and microfiber mop, as well as other useful items to protect your hardwood floors including felt pads, doggie socks and area rug pads.

How do you protect a tile floor during construction?

8 Ways to Protect Your Flooring During Construction ① Delicate Floor Covering. Obviously, you want to ensure your flooring isn’t marred by mud, oil, paint, or other similar substances. ② Heavy Duty Temporary Coverage. ③ X-Board Breathable Coverage. ④ X-Paper Covering. ⑤ Heavy Duty Absorbent. ⑥ Stay-Put Slip Resistant. ⑦ Aqua Shield Flame Retardant. ⑧ X-Plastic Impact Resistant.

How do you protect hardwood floors from gym equipment?

So, how do you protect hardwood floors from exercise equipment such as treadmills or stationary bikes? There are a couple options to help prevent this from happening. One option is to place a protective paper underlayment between the hardwood floor and rubber mats.

What is the best time of year to refinish hardwood floors?

If I had to pick an ideal time , I would say spring or fall when the indoor temperature is most consistent with outdoor temperature and it’s often easy to open the windows (after the work is complete) to help air out the smell faster. But, really, sanding and refinishing hardwood can take place any time of year .

What is the difference between refinishing and resurfacing wood floors?

Refinishing involves sanding down the uppermost layer of the floor and applying fresh stain and lacquer over the existing wood . Resurfacing your floor involves more than just putting a layer of polish on top.

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How do you protect marble floors in construction?

Hard Floor Protection Film As the counterpart to carpet protection film, another type of plastic film can be used to protect your hard surfaces such as tile, marble , vinyl, and concrete. This can protect them against moisture, dirt, and other debris. It is just as easy to install as carpet protection film.

How do you protect cabinets during construction?

Cabinet protection designed to protect cabinets from damage during construction . Simply attach plastic to inside of cabinet with included fasteners and let corrugated sheet hang.

What should you not put on a hardwood floor?

Avoid using water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners on hardwood floors . Vinegar and water can dull the floor’s finish over time, while soap and wax leave a residue. Steam cleaners put heat and excessive water on your floor, which can lead to cupping and long-term damage. Use mats.

What is the best floor for home gym?

The most popular flooring options for use in home gym and exercise rooms are rubber , foam, carpet , turf and vinyl flooring .

Can area rugs damage hardwood floors?

Rugs with rough backings are bad news. If your rug has a seedy underbelly it can gradually scratch wood floors . Provide a barrier between your rug and the hardwood with a non-slip rug pad. The toxins in a synthetic pad’s softening chemicals can eat away at your hardwood as they react to your floor finish.

Is light or dark wood floors better?

There will be a higher chance of scratches and scrapes, which light hardwood can hide better than dark hardwood. While you’re free to mix and match styles, many homeowners find that darker hardwood flooring lends itself to a more rustic design, while lighter wood is used to create a more contemporary style.

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What is the most popular floor color?

In 2020, greige ( gray + beige) is the new gray in terms of wood flooring color trends. This trend of brown, beige and a touch of gray has taken off in the past year. Greige has actually taken over home design as a whole, coloring the floors and walls of virtually any room of the house.