Grand haven pier construction

Is Grand Haven pier open?

The Grand Haven pier is also a popular spot for fishing and catching the sunset. ***Currently the south pier which the lighthouses are located on is currently closed for resurfacing and is not accessible. You can still access the boardwalk and view the lighthouses from the Grand Haven State Park.

How deep is the Grand Haven Channel?

23 feet

What is the purpose of a catwalk on a pier?

A catwalk built above the pier made it possible to reach both under all weather conditions.

How deep is the Grand River in Michigan?

100 feet

How long is the Grand River?

406 km

What is the fastest river in Michigan?

Sturgeon River

What is the deepest river in Michigan?

Huron River

Is the Grand River polluted?

Grand River has highest levels of artificial sweetener pollution on record. WATERLOO — How sweet it is. The Grand River , that is. Scientists have discovered that the river is so loaded with artificial sweeteners that they can use them to track waste water in the river .