Garage construction near me

How do I find a contractor to build a garage?

Professionals at local lumberyards and home improvement centers work with contractors and subcontractors on a daily basis. Ask for recommendations. Also, the city/county building department or local home builders association will be able to recommend reputable residential contractors .

How much does it cost to build a 24×24 garage?

The cost for a 24×24 Two Car Garage ranges from around $13,500 for a Standard Garage with SmartSiding to around $30,900 for a Legacy Two Story Detached Garage with clapboard siding.

How much does it cost to build a 30×40 garage?

Taking the roof into account, the cost of a 30’x40′ straight wall garage is about $14,400 . Accessories and delivery will add another $3000 to this cost for a total estimate of $17,400 . Quonset Buildings are more economical and start at about $8 per square ft.

How much does an unattached garage cost?

Garage Sizes and Prices

Size Square Footage Price Range
24×30 (2.5 cars deep) 720 $28,800 – $50,400
25×30 (2.5 cars deep) 750 $30,000 – $52,500
24×32 (2.5 cars deep) 768 $30,700 – $53,800
20×40 (4-car tandem) 800 $32,000 – $56,000

How much does it cost to build a single car garage?

The average cost to build a garage is $35 to $60 per square foot. The cost to build a 1-car garage is between $7,500 to $14,200 , a 2-car garage costs $19,600 and $28,200 , and a 3-car garage ranges from $28,200 to $42,700 .

How much does a 30×30 garage cost?

If you’re looking for something to save money with a simpler, more economical garage , 30×30 carport cost estimates are typically from $3,745 to $4,345, depending on the style, including 6-foot legs and a carport roof. If an open structure is fine for your needs, this is another option to consider.

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Is it cheaper to build an attached or detached garage?

An attached garage — attached to an existing structure, like your house — tend to be cheaper and more common. Detached garages usually cost more. They’re standalone buildings, so there are more construction costs. But they’re safer and more secure because they don’t provide an entryway into your home.

How much does a 24×24 metal building cost?

Depending on the individual design specifications, a typical 24×24 metal building cost can range from $5,800 to $7,600 *. Keep in mind that when buying a steel building, cost is usually broken down by price per square foot. Square footage rates are currently between $10.00 and $13.00* on this size of a building.

How many cars fit in a 30×40 garage?

A building of this size (30′ x 40′ = 1,200 square feet) is a good choice for a 4 car garage or 3 car garage with shop & storage space.

How much concrete do I need for a 30×40 slab?

With a brief look, a 30×40 area at 6 inches deep, you would need approximately 31.56 tons or 22.22 cubic yards of gravel. Concrete reinforcing is also recommended in high traffic areas and medium to large areas.

What is the cheapest garage to build?

Metal garage cost is the most economical of all the garages, the metal garages are built on site and only come without a floor. Wood garage cost comes in 2nd place from a price the are modular garages and are delivered to your location fully assembled and are made with or without a floor.

How much siding do I need for a 24×24 garage?

For example, a 24-feet-long side that is 8 feet high equals 192 square feet of siding for that wall.

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What is the average size of a 2 car garage?


How much does it cost to build a 2 car detached garage?

The Cost to Build a Garage:

Type of garage Average cost (including materials and labour)
Single Car Garage (bare-bones) 12′ x 20′ $20,600–$33,000
Single Car Garage (turnkey) 12′ x 20′ $27,800 –$42,600
Double Car Garage (bare-bones) 22′ x 20′ $37,000–$60,900
Double Car Garage (turnkey) 22′ x 20′ $47,300–$76,900