Falcons new stadium construction

How much did the Falcons stadium cost?

The Falcons moved into the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium — a stunning $1.5 billion stadium with a retractable roof — to start the 2017 season.

How long did it take to build Mercedes Benz stadium?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Broke ground May 19, 2014
Opened August 26, 2017
Construction cost US$1.6 billion (Projected)
Architect HOK tvsdesign Goode Van Slyke Stanley Beaman & Sears

Does Arthur Blank own Mercedes Benz stadium?

The building of a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons touched off a number of changes in downtown and Westside Atlanta. In April 2014, Major League Soccer announced that Atlanta had been awarded the league’s 22nd team, to be owned by Falcons owner Arthur Blank and to begin play in 2017 in Mercedes – Benz Stadium .

Who paid for the Mercedes Benz stadium?

Mercedes – Benz Stadium was funded through a combination of loans to the Falcons, money from the NFL, sales of permanent seat licenses and $200 million in bonds backed by Atlanta hotel-motel taxes.

What is the most expensive stadium?

MetLife Stadium

Who has the most expensive stadium in the NFL?

World’s most expensive stadium with largest videoboard unveiled in Los Angeles – in pictures The playing field and seating areas of SoFi Stadium , future home for NFL football’s Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, in Inglewood, California. The SoFi Stadium was built at a cost of $5.5 billion.

What is the biggest stadium in the world?


Why is SoFi stadium so expensive?

It’s clear that the league, as a whole, has some huge plans for the SoFi stadium , which would be one of the reasons why it was such an expensive endeavor. Then there’s the fact that construction was delayed by a year due to the unnaturally large amounts of rain showers that parts of California were experiencing.

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Who owns Mercedes Benz now?

Daimler AG

Who currently owns Home Depot?

MRO company Interline Brands (now The Home Depot Pro) is also owned by The Home Depot , with 70 distribution centers across the United States. The Home Depot .

The Home Depot corporate headquarters in Atlanta
Net income US$11.24 billion (2019)
Total assets US$51.24 billion (2019)
Total equity US$3.12 billion (2019)

Who is Arthur Blank dating?

Arthur Blank
Net worth US$5.3 billion (November 2019)
Spouse(s) Diana Latow (Divorced 1993) Stephanie Wray (1995–2014) Angela Macuga (2016–2019)
Children 6
Website www.blankfamilyofbusinesses.com

How much did Arthur Blank pay for Mercedes Stadium?

Sources say Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank sold a 10% stake in some assets owned by the Blank Family of Businesses—including the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons, Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United, and some real estate and operating rights to Mercedes – Benz Stadium —for about $300 million, placing a $3

How much does it cost to rent out Mercedes Benz stadium?

There will be about 20 private event spaces at Mercedes – Benz Stadium , with rental prices ranging from $2,000 to more than $50,000. At more than $1.5 billion, Mercedes – Benz Stadium gives the Atlanta Falcons a world-class stage as they try to get back to the Super Bowl.

How much is Arthur Blank’s worth?

6.1 billion USD (2020)

Is it cold inside Mercedes Benz stadium?

it is temperature controlled inside .