Enclosed trailer wall construction

What are enclosed trailer walls made of?

Most enclosed trailers will use aluminum, steel, galvanized steel sometimes referred to as Galvaneal; or FRP. For wall cross members, steel or aluminum is used. Attached to the cross members is plywood, luan, aluminum or a combination of these. Most commonly used is the aluminum exterior.

How thick are enclosed trailer walls?

I see that most enclosed trailers have 3/8″ plywood for the walls , and 3/4″ plywood for the flooring.

How is an enclosed trailer measured?

The industry standard is measured on the outside rectangular portion of the trailer by Width then Length. If there is a V-nose on the trailer , that space is considered additional and can range from several inches to over a few feet depending on the model or extended tongue option.

How do you hide seams in paneling?

If you plan on covering paneling with fresh drywall, you can stick mesh drywall tape over the seams to hide them. Spread joint compound over the tape before painting. Repeatedly painting over paneling won’t cover the seams . They have to be filled in first or have paint underneath them to effectively stay hidden .

How thick are travel trailer walls?

around 2-21/2 inches

Can you turn a trailer into a camper?

Can you do your cargo trailer camper conversion yourself? Absolutely! In fact, the majority of campers do .

How wide are enclosed trailers?


GVWR 6,000 lb.
External Length 20 ft.
External Width 8 ft. 5 in. at outside of fenders
Interior Height 6 ft. at center
Interior Width 8 ft. (81 in. between wheel boxes)
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What are the sizes of trailers?

Standards: Common Lengths: 20, 40, 45, 48, 53 feet. Width: 98 – 102 inches. Height: 8.5 — 9.5 feet. Door Type: Swing Door. Capacity: Max Weight @ 40 ft length: 71,390 lbs. Usage:

Does trailer length include the hitch?

The length is measured from the foremost point of the trailer hitch to the rear extremity of the trailer body, not including the spare tire. In my experience with a lot of trailers over the past 50+ years is that some manufacturers label by box length and some by overall length .