Construction submittal process flowchart

What is the submittal process in construction?

Submittals are those shop drawings, product data, samples, and mock-ups to be delivered to the design professional (the architect or engineer) for review and action as required by the contract documents.

Who approves construction submittals?

During the submittal phase of a construction project, contractors communicate information about the materials they intend to use. In order for the proposed project to go ahead, the engineers and architects must approve the materials for compliance with the owner’s contract.

How do I create a submittal schedule?

Steps Design Team Review Time. The number of days allotted for the design team’s review on the submittal . Lead Time. The expected number of calendar days that will be required for the material/services for the submittal to arrive. Required On-Site Date. Internal Review Time.

What is a submittal sheet?

Submittals consist of information provided by the contractor to the design professional for approval of equipment, materials, etc. before they are fabricated and delivered to the project. Submittals can be presented in various formats, such as shop drawings, cut sheets on equipment, and material samples.

What are five uses of submittals during the construction process?

What are five uses of submittals during the construction process ? Names and location of vendors, suppliers, fabricators or subcontractors. Other steps in the process like consultant endorsements. Dates achieved to be used with the scheduled dates. Scheduled activities, by number and description.

What is a shop drawing in construction?

A shop drawing is a drawing or set of drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, consultants, or fabricator. Shop drawings are typically required for prefabricated components. The shop drawing normally shows more detail than the construction documents.

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What are RFI submittals?

Beware of substitutions dressed in RFI or submittal clothing An RFI , which means (depending on whom you ask1) either Request for Information or Request for Interpretation, is intended to clarify, within reason, the design intent of the documents.

What is a construction Transmittal?

On a construction project, transmittals provide specific proof of what was sent, who it was sent to, and when it was sent. They help document the flow of information during a project. There are a lot of documents, files, and samples that change hands during a construction project.

What is a closeout submittal?

1.02 CLOSEOUT PROCEDURES. A. Submit a written certification that the Contract Documents have been reviewed, the Work has been inspected, and that the Work is complete in accordance with the Contract Documents and is ready for the Owner’s review.

What is included in a submittal?

Submittals in construction management are shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data. Submittals are required primarily for the architect and engineer to verify that the correct products will be installed on the project.

How do I create a submittal package?

Create Submittal Packages Go to the Submittal Packages page. For access instructions, see Access Submittals . Click Create Package . Enter all necessary fields. Click Save. Click Add Items. Make one of the selections below, and then click Add.

What is the purpose of a submittal?

A submittal refers to the written and/or physical information provided by a responsible contractor (i.e., contractors and subs) to the general contractor. This information is submitted to the design team for approval of equipment, materials , etc. before they are fabricated and delivered to the project.

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How do you do an RFI in construction?

Make sure your construction RFI includes the following elements: Project name and address. RFI number (in sequential order for the project) RFI title (and a brief description) Date you submitted the RFI and a deadline for the response. Name, title, company, and contact information for the requesting party.

Is a submittal a contract document?

Submittals are not contract documents . The contractor prepares submittals , and the architect prepares contract documents .

What is the difference between submission and submittal?

The difference between Submission and Submittal When used as nouns, submission means the act of submitting or yielding, whereas submittal means the act of submitting .