Construction project closeout checklist

What is a Project Closeout Checklist?

A project closure checklist (or project closeout checklist ) is used by project managers to evaluate the business outcomes when formally closing a project . It helps assess project activities such as actual performance versus baseline objectives, unaddressed issues, and lessons learned within a project life cycle.

What is project closeout in construction?

Construction project closeout is the final phase of a construction project and a vital part of construction management services. This phase occurs after physical construction has been completed, but before the project is actually turned over to the owner.

What is a closeout package?

The complete closeout package includes several things, let’s look at the list. As built drawings. This includes the floor or ground-plan and the equipment on the tower. The equipment with detail, as it is built with serial numbers and color codes and everything. All equipment data, serial numbers, rev levels, etc.

How do I write a project closeout report?

Project Closeout Report Activity 1: Evaluate Overall Project Performance. Activity 2: Document Actual Project Cost. Activity 3: Document Actual Project Schedule. Activity 4: Document Scope Changes. Activity 5: Describe Resources’ Statuses. Activity 6: Perform Operations and Maintenance Plan. Activity 7: Identify Storage of Project Documentation.

What is project life cycle?

What is a Project Life Cycle ? The project life cycle is a 4-step framework designed to help project managers guide their projects successfully from start to finish. The purpose of the project life cycle is to create an easy to follow framework to guide projects.

What are the five common reasons for crashing a project?

Graph that plots project costs against time; includes direct, indirect, and total costs for a project over relevant time range. What are the 5 common reasons for crashing a project ? Time to market pressures. Unforeseen delays. Incentives for early completion. Imposed deadlines. Pressures to move resources elsewhere.

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How do you close a construction project?

How to Close a Project Ensure the final project deliverables meet the specifications outlined in the project plan. Receive customer approval of final project deliverables. Ensure the proper closure of all project related contractual obligations. Perform final lessons learned. Archive project plan for future reference.

What are construction closeout documents?

Construction closeout documents vary by project, but may include items such as: Maintenance agreements. Operations and maintenance manuals. Inspection reports. Roof warranty. Shop and record drawings.

Why is project closeout important?

The purpose of project closeout is to assess the project , ensure completion, and derive any lessons learned and best practices to be applied to future projects . Confirming the project has met all sponsor, customer, and stakeholder requirements. Verifying that all deliverables have been delivered and accepted.

What is a project closure document?

A project closure report is the final document that assesses the success of the project and also catalogs project deliverables and officially ends the project . The primary objective of a project closure report is to provide a complete picture of the successes and failures of a project .

What are the three phases of closing the project?

Phase V: Project Review and Close “What else is there to do?” There are three important elements of closing out a well-managed project : final project housekeeping, project review, and the project close-out report.

What is premature project closure?

Premature closure also occurs when the project is of strategic importance and must be delivered earlier than expected, such as a new product launch. Delaying the product until the original completion date may result in opportunity lost for the client.

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How do you write a project completion report?

How NGOs can write Project Completion Report Create the title page outlining the project title, its starting and ending date and name of the supporting as well as implementation agencies. Add the table of contents. Give an overview of the project writing a summary statement that the project is complete as the beginning of the overview.

How do you hand off a project?

How to successfully transition your project handover Step 1: Determine what details need to be transferred. Let’s break down these details according to each situation. Step 2: Schedule a meeting to discuss your project handoff document. Step 3: Start the transition and project handoff .

How do you write a project closure in an email?

It shouldn’t be a novel (check my post about email ), but here is what should be included: Email Subject – ” Project Closure | [insert project name]” Executive Summary – A brief statement (2-3 lines) as to what the project’s objective was. Schedule – What was the target date? Budget – What was the planned budget?