What is true regarding the platform-frame construction method?

What is the platform frame construction method?

[′plat‚fȯrm ‚frām·iŋ] (building construction ) A construction method in which each floor is framed independently by nailing the horizontal framing member to the top of the wall studs.

What are the differences between balloon framing and platform framing?

What are the differences between balloon framing and platform framing ? In balloon framing , the studs run in one piece from the sill to the rafter plate, whereas in platform framing , the studs are interrupted by floor platforms .

Why is platform framing the norm in most construction?

use in building construction In platform framing , each floor is framed separately, as contrasted with balloon framing , in which the studs (vertical members) extend the full height of the building. Freed from the heavy timbers of the post-and-beam system, platform framing offers ease of construction .

Which of these is a vertical component used in wall framing?

The following components are found in the wall frame : A bottom plate or sole plate is a horizontal wood member at the base of the wall , fastened to the floor frame . Studs are vertical wood members, spaced evenly apart, and attached to both bottom and top plates.

Why is framing important to construction?

​You should think of framing as the bones of your home. Not only does framing give your home a shape and structure, but it also impacts the quality of nearly every aspect of your home, from mechanicals to interior and exterior finishes.

What are the different framing methods?

Types of Framing Byte – Stuffing − A byte is stuffed in the message to differentiate from the delimiter. This is also called character-oriented framing . Bit – Stuffing − A pattern of bits of arbitrary length is stuffed in the message to differentiate from the delimiter. This is also called bit – oriented framing .

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What type of framing is most commonly used in housing?

Platform framing

Why is it called balloon framing?

These materials were used to build lightweight buildings with nailed frames made of dimensional lumber. It was said to have been called balloon construction because the buildings were so light they looked like they would float away.

What type of construction is balloon frame?

What Is It? From the late 1800s until about 1940, balloon – frame wood construction was a fast and easy way to construct multi-story homes found primarily in the East and Midwest. The balloon frame uses a continuous wood stud wall member that stretches from the foundation to the attic.

What is included in rough framing?

It consists of fitting together pieces of materials, such as wood, brick, concrete, and steel. Wood is the material most often used to frame houses. Rough framing is used for new home construction, as well as for building room additions.

What are some disadvantages and limitations of platform framing?

Other major cons to wood platform framing include its risk to homeowners’ health ( wood plays host to mold and mildew that can make homes toxic) and a home’s longevity (the wood used in platform framing is subject to rot and termites that can compromise your home’s structural integrity, requiring major repairs down the

Is balloon framing still used?

Balloon framing is no longer used today, Stack said. It has been replaced by a style called platform framing , which eliminates the problem of void spaces that comes with balloon framing , he said.

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What are the 3 types of framing for wood structures?

Studs are vertical wooden members within the walls. Joists are the horizontal wooden beams that support the floors. Rafters are the sloping wooden beams that support the roof. Sheathing are the sheets that are nailed over the studs to connect them securely and form the wall surfaces.

Which type of construction is most often used in home building?

Concrete. Concrete is probably the world’s most – used building material, but aside from foundations you will only see it in a minority of U.S. single-family homes . In homes that do use it, walls are built from either concrete masonry units (CMUs) or insulated concrete forms (ICFs).

What two floor framing methods are used most often in current residential construction?

Three basic types of wood- frame construction —platform, balloon, and post and beam. The most common type of wall framing for both one-story and two -story residential structures is platform framing construction , also known as western frame construction .