Silva brothers construction reviews

Is Charlie Silva related to Tom Silva?

Charlie is President of Silva Brothers Construction, a leading contracting company in the Boston area that he co-owns with This Old House general contractor and his uncle Tom Silva . Charlie started working for his grandfather’s company at age 12 during his school vacations, and joined full-time in 1981.

Who are the Silva brothers?

Silva Brothers Construction. Co-owners Tom Silva (right) and Charlie Silva run the company; and, unlike some general contractors and builders, Silva Brothers operates without an additional layer of management. Tom and Charlie work directly with their homeowners and oversee every project.

Is Tom Silva still on this old house?

Tom Silva , 71, has been there almost since the beginning. Two years later, Silva’s company became the show’s permanent contractor. In addition to appearing regularly on the show, Silva appears on the PBS sister show “Ask This Old House ” and contributes to the show’s publications.

What is Kevin O’Connor net worth?

Kevin’s net worth as of August 2018 stood at $6.66 million , mostly from the units of stock he owns at Bridge.

Who is Charlie Silva’s father?

For over 60 years, the Silva family has been providing construction services to the Boston area. Tom Silva’s father was a Lexington-based contractor who started the family business and retired in 1985. Since that time, Tom and his nephew Charlie have become co-owners of the well-known and highly reputable company.

What nationality is Tom Silva?


Is Tom Silva Italian?

Father is Azorean Portuguese. Tom Silva , general contractor on the PBS show This Old House. Karen Valentine (born May 25, 1947; Sebastopol, California), American actress of Italian and Portuguese extraction.

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When did this old house start?

February 20, 1979

Did Norm Abram retire from this old house?

“The New Yankee Workshop” may be over, but Norm is hardly retired . He just bought a new old house that he’s renovating and he’s mulling over ideas for a new shop, so he can keep building and building .

Why did Steve Thomas leave this old house?

There’s no dirty little secret. It’s simply that, after 14 years on “This Old House ,” Thomas wanted to move on to other things, reportedly including some new projects on the DIY Network. He left under very amicable terms and will continue to be seen in repeats of older episodes of “This Old House .”

What does Bob Vila do now?

Bob Vila on how he built a legacy on home improvement. Some say he was the father of reality TV. Bob Vila , the home improvement icon looks back on his career and current state of the home improvement media industry. Bob Vila , American’s original handyman, says even after retirement he enjoys success on YouTube.

Who died from this old house?

Joe Ferrante

Where does Norm Abram live?