Key largo boats construction

Is Key Largo a good boat?

It seems like a pretty solid little boat and has given me no problems over the past 4 years. I would buy another for what I use it for. Key Largo is a similar Hull to Palm Beach hulls, very basic , nothing fancy, you can do better for the same money.

Is Key Largo boats still in business?

The parent company of Key Largo boats was declared out of business in 2011.

Are Key Largo Boats wood free?

Even though the Key Largo is built with Greenwood Forest Products treated plywood panels (which have a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser and ten year warrantee to the second), I did find wood in the boat that was exposed.

What year did Key West boats stop using wood?

Key West transitioned from using wood starting in 1992 with their 1720 series of boats. The last wood construction boat was the 2000 WA that was dropped in 1996. Therefore, Key West boats made before these dates or with those who feature obvious wood construction should be checked carefully.

Is Key West a quality boat?

For more than 30 years, Key West has built high- quality , high-value boats . Their boats offer uncompromised attention to safety, including positive flotation, in every model. Key West Boats feature no-wood construction, combined with lightweight coring materials and directional high strength glass.

Where are Clearwater boats made?

When you purchase a Clearwater You buy a boat made by a family business in Americus, Georgia, and manufactured with the highest levels of precision and care. More importantly, you become a part of the Clearwater Community – a family with common interests in sportfishing and marine leisure.

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Can a Key West boat sink?

Are Key West Boats unsinkable? If enough weight is attached to any floating object it will sink as a result, but it is possible to insert flotation material into a boat in the proper amounts and correct locations to keep it relatively upright and level when swamped.

What does deadrise mean?

A key factor to understand is “ deadrise .” Deadrise is a measurement of the degree of angle between two surfaces. A boat’s deadrise is the amount of angle that forms between the boat bottom and a horizontal plane on either side of center keel.

How much do Key West boats cost?

How much do Key West boats cost ? Key West boats for sale on YachtWorld are available for a swath of prices from $9,854 on the lower- cost segment all the way up to $208,249 for the most advanced and biggest yachts in the world.

When did they stop using wood in boats?

Most manufacturers stop using wood around 1998 but there is still a few companys that still use wood Grady White comes to mind.

Do Sea Pro boats have wood in them?

No wood in Sea Pros since the early to mid 90s.

Do Sea Hunt boats have wood?

The Sea Hunt boats are not constructed with wood . No wood is on the boat , even on the transom. A variety of durable material is used on the beams and the structural components of the boat .