Erector multi model construction sets

Do they still sell Erector sets?

In the age of STEAM education, erector sets are making a significant comeback. Most erector sets consist of durable building blocks and functioning tools that can be combined to create a variety of interactive models.

How much are erector sets worth?

Now, an average example of this set , which you see quite a few over the years, could sell for anywhere from $85 to $100, $125.

What is the difference between Meccano and Erector?

In 2000, Meccano bought the Erector brand and unified its presence on all continents. The two brands are now sold under the Meccano brand name, with the Erector Set being marketed as ” Erector by Meccano “.

What is the best Meccano set?

10 Best Meccano Sets & Toys for Kids Reviewed Micronoid Green Switch. Erector Meccanoid XL. 2-in-1 Stunt Plane. 4×4 Off-Road Truck. MeccaNoid G15 KS. Micronoid Code Magna Programmable Robot. Flight Model 6028598 20. Meccano Erector 2.0.

Can you still buy Meccano?

Meccano builders and enthusiasts Ralph and Sue have a web site selling mainly modern, unused sets and parts , bargain lots, used parts. Prices are very reasonable but there is not a complete range of parts. As of March 2017 they are selling off there entire large collection of sets,motors and parts.

What age is Meccano suitable for?


What are erector sets made of?

In 1913 he developed the Erector set . At this time there were several construction toys out. The most prominent was the Meccano construction toy developed by Hornby in England. It was made up of pulleys, gears, and several 1/2″ wide strips of varying length with holes evenly spaced on them.

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Is Meccano plastic or metal?

Meccano is a model construction system created in 1898 by Frank Hornby in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The system consists of reusable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears, and plastic parts that are connected using nuts and bolts. It enables the building of working models and mechanical devices.

Who invented Erector sets?

Alfred Carlton Gilbert

Who invented Meccano?

Frank Hornby

Is Meccano better than Lego?

But in reality, Meccano sets are just built for a different sort of construction toy enthusiast than Lego . With Lego , until you get into more complex sets, you get more of a simple brick based building sets. Another big difference between Meccano and Lego is HOW they were designed to be built.

What can Meccano Max do?

Advanced AI enables M.A.X. to plot and plan instead of just mimic. Customizable programming allows kids to personalize M.A.X. to their specifications, so every robot is one of a kind. And like all Meccano kits, M.A.X. can be reassembled into a variety of other robotic toys as kids learn the fundamentals of programming.